3D Computer Vision

3D Computer Vision Video Compression Motion Tracking Biometrics Texture Analysis Remote Sensing Biomedical Image Processing
  1. Ahmad Amiri (2016-2017): SLAM-based 3D Object Recognition using RGB-D Camera
  2. Reza Azad (2016-2017): 4D Hand Gesture Recognition on RGB-D Videos
  3. Nafiseh Ashkar (2016-2017): Inserting Graphical Elements in Multiview Soccer Videos
  4. Sadegh Ramezanpour (2013-2018): Video Quality Improvement in a Collection of Smartphones
  5. Mohammad Reza Bagheri (2015-2016): Synchronization of Multiple Videos of a Scene with Drop Possibility
  6. Hossein Pandeh (2015-2016): Real-time Graphical Elements Addition to Live Broadcast Soccer Videos
  7. Shirin Feiz (2015-2016): Virtual Advertisement Replacement in Multiview Soccer Video
  8. Hossein Rashidi (2014-2015): Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using an RGB-D Camera
  9. Mostafa Hadian (2014-2015): Calibration of PTZ Cameras from Multiview Soccer Match Videos
  10. Ali Zarean (2014-2015): Free-viewpoint Soccer Match Video from Overlapping Cameras
  11. Yasin Zamani (2013-2017): A Probabilistic Approach to 3D SLAM using RGB-D Cameras
  12. Maryam Sepehrinour (2013-2017): 3D Reconstruction of Human Body from Single-View Videos
  13. Afshin Bozorgpour (2013-2014): Automatic Homography Extraction and Tracking in Soccer Scenes
  14. Zahra Montazeri (2013-2014): Visual Odometry using RGB-D Cameras
  15. Ali Arab (2013-2014): Camera Calibration Using Field Model for Soccer Match Videos
  16. Ali Osia (2013-2014): Human Body Pose Estimation Using 3D Point Cloud
  17. Sina Lotfian(2013-2014): Calculating Inter-Frame Homography Matrixes for PTZ Cameras in Soccer Matches
  18. Sadjad Fouladi (2013-2014): Real-time Graphical Elements Addition to Live and Instant Replays of Broadcast Soccer Videos
  19. Mahsa Mohammadi Kaji (2013-2014): Visual Odometry using RGB-D Cameras
  20. Reza Afrouzian (2010-2015): Multiview Reconstruction in Dynamic Sports Scenes
  21. Sadegh Ramezanpour (2012-2013): 3D Human Pose Estimation using Multiview Videos
  22. Mansoureh Karami (2012-2013): 3D Reconstruction of Soccer Player using Multiview Videos
  23. Amir Mazaheri and Shima Salimi (2012-2013): Model-based Human Pose Estimation from Multiview Videos
  24. Sadjad Fouladi (2012): Color Correction in Mosaiced Images of Soccer Matches
  25. Mahdis Mahdieh and Narges Norouzi (2012): Dress Mapping on Query Body from Four Points of View Using 3D Computer Vision
  26. Zohreh Moteshaker Arani (2011-2012): 3D Reconstruction of Soccer Players from an Arbitrary Closeup Viewpoint Using Multiview Videos
  27. Elham Jabalbarezi (2011-2012): 3D Modeling of Soccer Players from an Arbitrary Viewpoint Using Multiview Images
  28. Mohsen Taghaddosi (2011-2012): 3D Mosaicing Using Multiview Videos
  29. Arsalan Dejkam (2010-2011): 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Surfaces
  1. Mohammad Aghahian Panahi (2009-2010): Error Resilient Coding of H.264 for Wireless Networks
  2. Ali Araghi (2009-2010): Error Concealment of H.264/AVC for Wireless Networks
  3. Ghazaleh Panahandeh (2007-2008): Video Error Concealment
  4. Hossein Fattahian Peiro (2007-2008): Error Resilient Video Compression Using H.264/AVC
  5. Amir Hossein Firouzmanesh (2007-2008): Using H.264 Scalable Video Compression for Distance Learning
  6. Mani Ranjbar (2006-2007): Spatial Error Concealment in H.264/AVC
  7. Amin PourRostami (2005-2006): A New Context-Based Lossless Grayscale Image Compression Method
  8. Tayebeh Lotfi (2004-2008): Active Object Tracking in Content-Based Video Coding for Distance Learning using H.264/AVC
  9. Alireza Tavakoli (2002-2003): Object-Based Video Compression
  10. Golamreza Amayeh (2002-2003): Trademark Database Retrieval
  11. Nader Safavian (2002-2003): Content-Based Image Retrieval using Texture & Color Features
  12. Simin Bokharaie (2002-2003): Video Compression based on Object Recognition
  13. Leila Esmaeilani (2002-2003): Video Compression using Wavelet Transform
  14. Hadi Gerailu (2001-2002): Shot Change Detection in Image Sequences
  15. Mehdi Jafari Shahbazzadeh (2001-2005): Object-Based Adaptive Streaming of Layered-Encoded Video over the Internet
  1. Barzan Hayati (2016-2017): Multi-view Multi-object Tracking based on Objective Functions
  2. Reza Fahmi (2015-2016): 3D Soccer Ball Tracking with Fixed and PTZ Cameras
  3. Elaheh Vahdani (2013-2014): Ball Detection in Soccer Match Videos
  4. Fatemeh Elyasi (2013-2014): Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects using Multiview Cameras
  5. Nima Najafzadeh (2013-2014): Multi-Target 3D Tracking
  6. Maryam Mohammadi (2012-2013): An Improved GM-PHD Filter for Multiple Target Tracking
  7. Mehran Fotouhi (2009-2016): Tracking & Positioning of Soccer Players Using Multiple Moving Cameras
  8. Amin Reza Gholami (2011-2012): Multiview Localization and Tracking of Soccer Players and Ball
  9. Hamed Jamalifar (2010-2011): Reference-Free Deformable Surface 3D Tracking
  10. Gholamreza Rahimi (2009-2010): Background Modeling for Tracking Moving Objects
  11. Elham ShabaniNia (2008-2009): Moving Vehicle Tracking Using Multi-Uncalibrated Cameras
  12. Rasoul Mohammadi Nasiri (2007-2008): Object Motion Parameter Estimation in 3D Spaces
  13. Amir Hossein Khalili (2006-2007): Object Tracking across Uncalibrated Camera Networks
  14. Bardia Mohabbati (2004-2005): Object Tracking in Image Sequences
  15. Halimeh Darabi (2001-2002): Motion Tracking with Application to Virtual Studios
  16. Homayoun Mahdavi Nasab (2001-2005): Motion Estimation for Very Low Bitrate Video Compression
  17. Hossein Rabbani (2000-2001): Motion Estimation using Complex Wavelet Transform
  1. Safa Ahmadian (2016-2017): Human Action Recognition using Skeleton Data
  2. Ahmad Khatami Nejhad (2015-2016): 4D Human Action Recognition Using a Fixed RGB-D Camera
  3. Maryam Asadi (2012-2016): A Robust and Compressed Descriptor for Action Recognition from 4D Data
  4. Sara Ershadi Nasab (2010-2016): 3D Reconstruction of Human Pose in Multiview Dynamic Scenes
  5. Mehran Khodabandeh(2012): Analyzing Feature Extraction Methods for Gender Detection from Face Images
  6. Vahid Ghadakchi (2011-2012): Human Action Recognition Using 3D Analysis
  7. Reza Moradi (2011-2012): Human Action Recognition Using Expandable Graphical Models
  8. Mohammad Amin Sadeghi (2009-2010): Real-Time Multiview Face Detection
  9. Amir Ghodrati (2008-2009): Human Action Categorization Using Spatiotemporal Features
  10. Hadis Mohseni (2007-2013): Face Recognition in Subspaces based on Nonlinear Dimension Reduction
  11. Ahmad Ali Abin (2007-2008): Multiface Detection and Tracking
  12. Masoud Mazloom (2004-2005): An Efficient Method for Face Recognition
  13. Bardia Mohabbati (2004-2005): Face Tracking in Image Sequences
  14. Ali Mahmoudi (2002-2003): An Efficient Fingerprint Authentication Method
  15. Ali Azarian (2000-2001): Fingerprint Classification
  16. Behnam Attaran Rezaei (2000-2001): Fingerprint Ridge Extraction & Thinning
  17. Mohammad Reza Rahimi (2000-2001): Fingerprint High-Level Classification
  18. Amir Mohammad Tahmasebi (2000-2001): Enhancement & Foreground/Background Segmentation of Fingerprint Images
  19. Ehsan Pakbaznia (2000-2001): Fingerprint High Level Classification
  1. Soheil Daliran (2017-2018): Quality Improvement of Anticipated Future Videos by Unsupervised Deep Learning
  2. Hooman Hashemi (2016-2017): Inference of Support Relations on RGB-D Images for Semantic Segmentation
  3. Ainaz Hajimoradi (2016-2017): Feature Extraction from RGB-D Images for Semantic Segmentation
  4. Hassan Hafez Kolahi (2013-2018): Noisy-Channel Model for Feature Extraction
  5. Alireza Samadian (2016): Player Super-resolution in Soccer Videos
  6. Maryam Mohammadi (2015-2016): Link Prediction in Bipartite Networks
  7. Yaser Souri (2014-2015): Fine-Grained Image Classification
  8. Fahimeh Fooladgar (2013-2017): Supervised Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images
  9. Mitra Behzadi (2013-2014): A New Image Registration Method in Elastix Toolbox
  10. Hossein Forghani (2013-2014): Vision-Based 3D Object Recognition
  11. Kamyar Allahverdi (2012-2013): Using Computer Vision Methods to Improve Presentation Facilities
  12. Ali Yadollahi (2012): Image Retrieval from Database based on an Arbitrary Query
  13. Raziyeh Salarifard (2012): Robust Features Extraction for Content-based Video Classification
  14. Jamshid Esmaeilnezhad (2011): A General Graph-Embedding-Based Framework for Dimension Reduction
  15. Mostafa Tavassolipour (2010-2011): Extraction of Important Events in Football Videos Using Video Summarization Techniques
  16. Mahmoud Karimian (2010-2011): Video Categorization Using Semi-supervised Learning
  17. S. Mehdi Shariatzadeh (2009-2010): Exemplar-Based Video Completion
  18. Reyhaneh Hosseini (2008-2009): Logo Detection and Removal from Videos
  19. Mohammad Moghimi (2008-2010): Multiclass Visual Object Recognition based on Cluttered Images
  20. Mehran Fotouhi (2007-2008): Body Skin Detection in Color Images
  21. S.Monireh Pedram (2006-2007): Image Representation Using Tensor Voting
  22. Mojtaba Bagheri (2006-2007): Multiresolution Video Mosaicing
  23. Elyas Khameneh (2005-2006): Multiresolution Image Mosaicing
  24. Ali Reza Ghane (2005-2006): Color Histogram-Based Image Retrieval from Databases under MPEG7 Standard
  25. Arash Abadpour (2004-2005): Color Image Processing using Principle Component Analysis
  26. Mohsen Ghoudarzi (2004-2005): Structural Analysis and Character Recognition for Iranian License Plate Recognition
  27. Majid Lesani (2004-2005): A New Method for Iranian License Plate Localization
  28. Arash Tavakkol (2004-2005): Watermarking of Fingerprint Images
  29. Javad Behrouzi Moghaddam (2003-2004): Wavelet-based Digital Image Watermarking
  30. Mona Ghassemzadeh (2002-2003): Content-Based Image Retrieval using Color & Texture Features
  31. Saeed Milady (2001-2002): Detection & Removal of Line Scratches in Image Sequences
  32. Abulfazl Lakdashti (2001-2002): Design & Implementation of a Search Engine of Image Databases on the Internet
  33. Mohsen Abbas PourSeyyedi (2001-2002): Restoration/Resolution Enhancement of Noisy and Blurred Image Sequences using GCV
  34. Shirin Karimifar (2001-2002): Content-Based Image Retrieval using Shape Features
  35. Elham Shahinfard (2000-2001): Digital Image Watermarking
  36. Mojtaba Ghaderi (2000-2001): Image Sequence Restoration applied on IRIB Archive Resources
  1. Farzad Samie (2007-2008): Radiometric Correction and Normalization of Satellite Images
  2. S. Mohammad Mehdi Ghotbi (2007-2008): Investigating Different Multispectral Image Registration Methods
  3. S. Mohsen Amiri (2005-2006): Texture Change Detection in Multispectral Images
  4. Rouhollah Dianat (2004-2010): Change Detection using Texture Analysis in Hyperspectral Images
  5. Shirin Mahmoodi (2004-2008): Change Detection using Texture Analysis
  6. Zeinab Shariatmadari (2004-2005): Change Detection using Hyperspectral Images
  1. Nasim Dadashi (2010-2015): Adaptive Registration of Endoscopic Videos to MDCT Images for Error Reduction in ENT Navigation Systems
  2. Amir Hossein Abdi (2012-2013): Diagnosis of Jaw Lesions in Dental Radiographs
  3. Ali Foroughipour (2012-2013): 3D Reconstruction of Brain from MR Images
  4. Morteza Safaei Pour (2012-2013): Reducing Registration Error between CT and Ultrasound Images
  5. Mahsa Mohammadi Kaji (2012): Glioma Diagnosis and Follow up Using MR Images
  6. Kimia Tajik (2012): 3D Reconstruction of Sinuous Using Endoscopy Images
  7. Arsalan Mohsennia (2012): Reconstruction of Body Tissue Structures from Biomedical Videos using ASKC
  8. Hakimeh Amiri (2011-2012): Intraoperative Registration of Non-rigid Tissue for Image-Guided Surgery
  9. Mahdi Abbaspour Tehrani and Mohammad Naghibi (2011-2012): Detection of Left Ventricular Boundaries in MR Images
  10. Hadis Mohseni (2006-2007): Automatic Localization of Cephalometric Landmarks
  11. Maryam Hasanzadeh (2004-2008): Multispectral Fuzzy Image Segmentation