3D Computer Vision

3D Computer Vision Video Compression Motion Tracking Biometrics Texture Analysis Remote Sensing Biomedical Image Processing
    Reseach Interests in 3D CV:

    Self-driving cars, Iran Khodro related 3D projects, 3D reconstruction & graphical element addition in dynamic sports scenes, 3D dynamic human action recognition, 3D dynamic pose estimation, 3D dynamic object tracking, 3D object recognition, 3D dynamic model building, 3D virtual reality, 3D semantic scene understanding, 3D SLAM, 3D video mosaicing, & 3D video super-resolution.

  1. Ahmad Amiri (2016-2018): SLAM-based 3D Object Recognition using RGB-D Camera
  2. Nafiseh Ashkar (2016-2018): Inserting Graphical Elements in Multiview Soccer Videos
  3. Reza Azad (2016-2017): 4D Hand Gesture Recognition on RGB-D Videos
  4. Sadegh Ramezanpour (2013-2018): Video Quality Improvement in a Collection of Smartphones
  5. Mohammad Reza Bagheri (2015-2016): Synchronization of Multiple Videos of a Scene with Drop Possibility
  6. Shirin Feiz (2015-2016): Virtual Advertisement Replacement in Multiview Soccer Video
  7. Hossein Rashidi (2014-2015): Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using an RGB-D Camera
  8. Mostafa Hadian (2014-2015): Calibration of PTZ Cameras from Multiview Soccer Match Videos
  9. Ali Zarean (2014-2015): Free-viewpoint Soccer Match Video from Overlapping Cameras
  10. Yasin Zamani (2013-2018): A Probabilistic Approach to 3D SLAM using RGB-D Cameras
  11. Maryam Sepehrinour (2013-2018): 3D Reconstruction of Human Body from Single-View Videos
  12. Afshin Bozorgpour (2013-2014): Automatic Homography Extraction and Tracking in Soccer Scenes
  13. Zahra Montazeri (2013-2014): Visual Odometry using RGB-D Cameras
  14. Ali Arab (2013-2014): Camera Calibration Using Field Model for Soccer Match Videos
  15. Ali Osia (2013-2014): Human Body Pose Estimation Using 3D Point Cloud
  16. Sina Lotfian (2013-2014): Calculating Inter-Frame Homography Matrixes for PTZ Cameras in Soccer Matches
  17. Sadjad Fouladi (2013-2014): Real-time Graphical Elements Addition to Live and Instant Replays of Broadcast Soccer Videos
  18. Mahsa Mohammadi Kaji (2013-2014): Visual Odometry using RGB-D Cameras
  19. Bentolhoda Hadavi Moghadam (2012-2018): Porosity Estimation in Electrospun Nanofibers using 3D Image Analysis
  20. Reza Afrouzian (2010-2015): Multiview Reconstruction in Dynamic Sports Scenes
  21. Sadegh Ramezanpour (2012-2013): 3D Human Pose Estimation using Multiview Videos
  22. Mansoureh Karami (2012-2013): 3D Reconstruction of Soccer Player using Multiview Videos
  23. Amir Mazaheri and Shima Salimi (2012-2013): Model-based Human Pose Estimation from Multiview Videos
  24. Sadjad Fouladi (2012): Color Correction in Mosaiced Images of Soccer Matches
  25. Mahdis Mahdieh and Narges Norouzi (2012): Dress Mapping on Query Body from Four Points of View Using 3D Computer Vision
  26. Zohreh Moteshaker Arani (2011-2012): 3D Reconstruction of Soccer Players from an Arbitrary Closeup Viewpoint Using Multiview Videos
  27. Elham Jabalbarezi (2011-2012): 3D Modeling of Soccer Players from an Arbitrary Viewpoint Using Multiview Images
  28. Mohsen Taghaddosi (2011-2012): 3D Mosaicing Using Multiview Videos
  29. Arsalan Dejkam (2010-2011): 3D Reconstruction of Deformable Surfaces
  30. Mehran Fotouhi (2009-2018): Homography Matrix Extraction for 3D Positioning of Soccer Players
  1. Mohammad Aghahian Panahi (2009-2010): Error Resilient Coding of H.264 for Wireless Networks
  2. Ali Araghi (2009-2010): Error Concealment of H.264/AVC for Wireless Networks
  3. Ghazaleh Panahandeh (2007-2008): Video Error Concealment
  4. Hossein Fattahian Peiro (2007-2008): Error Resilient Video Compression Using H.264/AVC
  5. Amir Hossein Firouzmanesh (2007-2008): Using H.264 Scalable Video Compression for Distance Learning
  6. Mani Ranjbar (2006-2007): Spatial Error Concealment in H.264/AVC
  7. Amin PourRostami (2005-2006): A New Context-Based Lossless Grayscale Image Compression Method
  8. Tayebeh Lotfi (2004-2008): Active Object Tracking in Content-Based Video Coding for Distance Learning using H.264/AVC
  9. Alireza Tavakoli (2002-2003): Object-Based Video Compression
  10. Golamreza Amayeh (2002-2003): Trademark Database Retrieval
  11. Nader Safavian (2002-2003): Content-Based Image Retrieval using Texture & Color Features
  12. Simin Bokharaie (2002-2003): Video Compression based on Object Recognition
  13. Leila Esmaeilani (2002-2003): Video Compression using Wavelet Transform
  14. Hadi Gerailu (2001-2002): Shot Change Detection in Image Sequences
  15. Mehdi Jafari Shahbazzadeh (2001-2005): Object-Based Adaptive Streaming of Layered-Encoded Video over the Internet
  1. Barzan Hayati (2016-2017): Multi-view Multi-object Tracking based on Objective Functions
  2. Reza Fahmi (2015-2016): 3D Soccer Ball Tracking with Fixed and PTZ Cameras
  3. Elaheh Vahdani (2013-2014): Ball Detection in Soccer Match Videos
  4. Fatemeh Elyasi (2013-2014): Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects using Multiview Cameras
  5. Nima Najafzadeh (2013-2014): Multi-Target 3D Tracking
  6. Maryam Mohammadi (2012-2013): An Improved GM-PHD Filter for Multiple Target Tracking
  7. Amin Reza Gholami (2011-2012): Multiview Localization and Tracking of Soccer Players and Ball
  8. Hamed Jamalifar (2010-2011): Reference-Free Deformable Surface 3D Tracking
  9. Gholamreza Rahimi (2009-2010): Background Modeling for Tracking Moving Objects
  10. Elham ShabaniNia (2008-2009): Moving Vehicle Tracking Using Multi-Uncalibrated Cameras
  11. Rasoul Mohammadi Nasiri (2007-2008): Object Motion Parameter Estimation in 3D Spaces
  12. Amir Hossein Khalili (2006-2007): Object Tracking across Uncalibrated Camera Networks
  13. Bardia Mohabbati (2004-2005): Object Tracking in Image Sequences
  14. Halimeh Darabi (2001-2002): Motion Tracking with Application to Virtual Studios
  15. Homayoun Mahdavi Nasab (2001-2005): Motion Estimation for Very Low Bitrate Video Compression
  16. Hossein Rabbani (2000-2001): Motion Estimation using Complex Wavelet Transform
  1. Safa Ahmadian (2016-2017): Human Action Recognition using Skeleton Data
  2. Ahmad Khatami Nejhad (2015-2016): 4D Human Action Recognition Using a Fixed RGB-D Camera
  3. Maryam Asadi (2012-2016): A Robust and Compressed Descriptor for Action Recognition from 4D Data
  4. Sara Ershadi Nasab (2010-2016): 3D Reconstruction of Human Pose in Multiview Dynamic Scenes
  5. Mehran Khodabandeh(2012): Analyzing Feature Extraction Methods for Gender Detection from Face Images
  6. Vahid Ghadakchi (2011-2012): Human Action Recognition Using 3D Analysis
  7. Reza Moradi (2011-2012): Human Action Recognition Using Expandable Graphical Models
  8. Mohammad Amin Sadeghi (2009-2010): Real-Time Multiview Face Detection
  9. Amir Ghodrati (2008-2009): Human Action Categorization Using Spatiotemporal Features
  10. Hadis Mohseni (2007-2013): Face Recognition in Subspaces based on Nonlinear Dimension Reduction
  11. Ahmad Ali Abin (2007-2008): Multiface Detection and Tracking
  12. Masoud Mazloom (2004-2005): An Efficient Method for Face Recognition
  13. Bardia Mohabbati (2004-2005): Face Tracking in Image Sequences
  14. Ali Mahmoudi (2002-2003): An Efficient Fingerprint Authentication Method
  15. Ali Azarian (2000-2001): Fingerprint Classification
  16. Behnam Attaran Rezaei (2000-2001): Fingerprint Ridge Extraction & Thinning
  17. Mohammad Reza Rahimi (2000-2001): Fingerprint High-Level Classification
  18. Amir Mohammad Tahmasebi (2000-2001): Enhancement & Foreground/Background Segmentation of Fingerprint Images
  19. Ehsan Pakbaznia (2000-2001): Fingerprint High Level Classification
  1. Soheil Daliran (2017-2018): Quality Improvement of Anticipated Future Videos by Unsupervised Deep Learning
  2. Hooman Hashemi (2016-2017): Inference of Support Relations on RGB-D Images for Semantic Segmentation
  3. Ainaz Hajimoradi (2016-2017): Feature Extraction from RGB-D Images for Semantic Segmentation
  4. Hassan Hafez Kolahi (2013-2018): Noisy-Channel Model for Feature Extraction
  5. Alireza Samadian (2016): Player Super-resolution in Soccer Videos
  6. Maryam Mohammadi (2015-2016): Link Prediction in Bipartite Networks
  7. Yaser Souri (2014-2015): Fine-Grained Image Classification
  8. Fahimeh Fooladgar (2013-2017): Supervised Semantic Segmentation of RGB-D Images
  9. Mitra Behzadi (2013-2014): A New Image Registration Method in Elastix Toolbox
  10. Hossein Forghani (2013-2014): Vision-Based 3D Object Recognition
  11. Kamyar Allahverdi (2012-2013): Using Computer Vision Methods to Improve Presentation Facilities
  12. Ali Yadollahi (2012): Image Retrieval from Database based on an Arbitrary Query
  13. Raziyeh Salarifard (2012): Robust Features Extraction for Content-based Video Classification
  14. Jamshid Esmaeilnezhad (2011): A General Graph-Embedding-Based Framework for Dimension Reduction
  15. Mostafa Tavassolipour (2010-2011): Extraction of Important Events in Football Videos Using Video Summarization Techniques
  16. Mahmoud Karimian (2010-2011): Video Categorization Using Semi-supervised Learning
  17. S. Mehdi Shariatzadeh (2009-2010): Exemplar-Based Video Completion
  18. Reyhaneh Hosseini (2008-2009): Logo Detection and Removal from Videos
  19. Mohammad Moghimi (2008-2010): Multiclass Visual Object Recognition based on Cluttered Images
  20. Mehran Fotouhi (2007-2008): Body Skin Detection in Color Images
  21. S.Monireh Pedram (2006-2007): Image Representation Using Tensor Voting
  22. Mojtaba Bagheri (2006-2007): Multiresolution Video Mosaicing
  23. Elyas Khameneh (2005-2006): Multiresolution Image Mosaicing
  24. Ali Reza Ghane (2005-2006): Color Histogram-Based Image Retrieval from Databases under MPEG7 Standard
  25. Arash Abadpour (2004-2005): Color Image Processing using Principle Component Analysis
  26. Mohsen Ghoudarzi (2004-2005): Structural Analysis and Character Recognition for Iranian License Plate Recognition
  27. Majid Lesani (2004-2005): A New Method for Iranian License Plate Localization
  28. Arash Tavakkol (2004-2005): Watermarking of Fingerprint Images
  29. Javad Behrouzi Moghaddam (2003-2004): Wavelet-based Digital Image Watermarking
  30. Mona Ghassemzadeh (2002-2003): Content-Based Image Retrieval using Color & Texture Features
  31. Saeed Milady (2001-2002): Detection & Removal of Line Scratches in Image Sequences
  32. Abulfazl Lakdashti (2001-2002): Design & Implementation of a Search Engine of Image Databases on the Internet
  33. Mohsen Abbas PourSeyyedi (2001-2002): Restoration/Resolution Enhancement of Noisy and Blurred Image Sequences using GCV
  34. Shirin Karimifar (2001-2002): Content-Based Image Retrieval using Shape Features
  35. Elham Shahinfard (2000-2001): Digital Image Watermarking
  36. Mojtaba Ghaderi (2000-2001): Image Sequence Restoration applied on IRIB Archive Resources
  1. Farzad Samie (2007-2008): Radiometric Correction and Normalization of Satellite Images
  2. S. Mohammad Mehdi Ghotbi (2007-2008): Investigating Different Multispectral Image Registration Methods
  3. S. Mohsen Amiri (2005-2006): Texture Change Detection in Multispectral Images
  4. Rouhollah Dianat (2004-2010): Change Detection using Texture Analysis in Hyperspectral Images
  5. Shirin Mahmoodi (2004-2008): Change Detection using Texture Analysis
  6. Zeinab Shariatmadari (2004-2005): Change Detection using Hyperspectral Images
  1. Nasim Dadashi (2010-2015): Adaptive Registration of Endoscopic Videos to MDCT Images for Error Reduction in ENT Navigation Systems
  2. Amir Hossein Abdi (2012-2013): Diagnosis of Jaw Lesions in Dental Radiographs
  3. Ali Foroughipour (2012-2013): 3D Reconstruction of Brain from MR Images
  4. Morteza Safaei Pour (2012-2013): Reducing Registration Error between CT and Ultrasound Images
  5. Mahsa Mohammadi Kaji (2012): Glioma Diagnosis and Follow up Using MR Images
  6. Kimia Tajik (2012): 3D Reconstruction of Sinuous Using Endoscopy Images
  7. Arsalan Mohsennia (2012): Reconstruction of Body Tissue Structures from Biomedical Videos using ASKC
  8. Hakimeh Amiri (2011-2012): Intraoperative Registration of Non-rigid Tissue for Image-Guided Surgery
  9. Mahdi Abbaspour Tehrani and Mohammad Naghibi (2011-2012): Detection of Left Ventricular Boundaries in MR Images
  10. Hadis Mohseni (2006-2007): Automatic Localization of Cephalometric Landmarks
  11. Maryam Hasanzadeh (2004-2008): Multispectral Fuzzy Image Segmentation