Image Processing Lab

IPL is a research laboratory at Sharif University of Technology, directed by Professor Shohreh Kasaei, for advanced technologies in Image and Video Processing as well as 3D Computer Vision, in affiliation with the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Current research projects include human activity recognition, camera pose estimation, 4D object tracking, semantic scene understanding, 3D SLAM, object recognition, virtual reality, image mosaicing, object-based video compression, error concealment, video restoration, content-based image retrieval, image segmentation, face recognition, fingerprint authentication, and hyper-spectral image analysis. While the emphasis is on applied research, we are also studying a number of issues of theoretical importance. Description of both current and recent research projects can be found by following the Research Tab.
Several datasets are publically available for research purposes. To download the IPL Azadi Soccer Dataset and more information please contact kasaei[at]sharif[dot]edu.